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10 Different Ways To Style Crop Top - TGLB. Http://Bit.Ly/2GPkyb3




Hi guys! We are back with a Fashion Video on how to style one single crop top in 10 different ways. We’ll take you through all the different looks and how to style them. It's kind of like a talk-through look book. For your convenience, find all the details of the outfits and styling accessories, bags and footwear in the description below. ----- Look 1 – The “Movie Day Out” Look You’d want to look and feel very comfortable on such days, so all you’ve got to do is pair your black crop top with ice blue coloured dungarees and relaxing sneakers. Look 2 – The “College” Look Now you’d want a comfortable look for college, but it has to be trendy so that cute boy you have a crush on does not miss you! Pair your black crop top with skin fitted denim jeans and it should be difficult for anyone to take their eyes off you. Wear them with a pair of sneakers, a subtle bag and you’re all set for a perfect day at college. Look 3 – The “Shopping” Look Now a shopping day can be a very hectic and anxiety causing so you want to be very relaxed. To make sure your retail therapy “sesh” is therapeutic – dress right. Your clothes can calm all storms; Carry your black crop top with a Palazzo. Add on a pair of cute bellies, a long side sling bag and you’re ready to rule the universe. Look 4 – The “Gym” Look Your clothes need to be loose fitted and breathe-easy when you are at a workout session. Put on your black crop top with a stretchable jogger and you’re all set for those squats and burpees. You can complete your sporty look by wearing a comfortable pair of sneakers – preferably something with a flat bottom to help with your form. Look 5 – The “Beach Look” To feel the sky above our heads and sand below our feet let’s move on to the beach look. All you have to do is get into a sassy floral wrap around skirt and your black crop top to be seashore ready. You can make your look cooler and a little more comfortable by adding beachwear slippers to it. Look 6 – The “Office” Look Life is too short to wear boring clothes to your workplace. Put on a black crop top along with a pair of checked pants. Complete the look with an eye-catching white blazer, to make things a little more formal. Throw-in a pair of black heels and make yourself stand out with your work and your style! Look 7 – The “Corporate Meeting” Look You can make an excellent first impression with you perfect corporate meeting look and woo all your clients. All you have to do is wear your black crop top with a pencil skirt and high tie heels. Carry a tote bag and complete your vogue look. Look 8 – The “Date Night” Look It’s time already to charm your date, slip into a red skater skirt along with your black crop top. Be the golden girl with a pair of black heels and a black bead string bag. Keep a long stay lipstick handy just in case you want it to last beyond dessert. Look 9 – The “Traditional” Look Looking to dress up for a traditional occasion? We have the perfect look for you. Team your crop top with a long maroon satin skirt, this minimalistic design will help you keep things glam and desi at the same time. Throw in a pair of black pumps and let them do all the talking. Look 10 – The “Sleeping in” Look One your crop top’s a little old and faded – it has one last duty to perform. Everyone needs is a good night’s sleep. So get ready for bed with your black crop top and a pair of comfy night shorts. Pampered feel with a pair of fur slippers, because you can look dazzling even while you sleep. Hope you liked all the looks we created for you with this single black crop top. If you want us to create other looks do leave your suggestions in the comment section below. And don’t forget to hit the Bell Icon to stay updated with our videos. Until next time Look Good, Feel good. Keep it stylish.